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 Adolf Ni Tsugu//Osamu Tezuka

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PostSubject: Adolf Ni Tsugu//Osamu Tezuka   Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:42 am

Adolf, known in Japan as Adolf ni Tsugu (アドルフに告ぐ Adorufu ni Tsugu, literally: "Tell Adolf") is a manga series made by Dr. Osamu Tezuka.

Adolf was published in English by Cadence Books and VIZ Media. The English manga is flipped to read left to right to conform to Western practice.

The story is set before World War II and is centered on three men with the name Adolf. Adolf Kamil (アドルフ・カミル) is an Ashkenazi Jew living in Japan. His best friend Adolf Kaufmann (アドルフ・カウフマン) is of both Japanese and German descent. The third Adolf is Adolf Hitler (アドルフ・ヒトラー), the dictator of Germany.

The story of Adolf begins in 1936 as Japanese reporter Sohei Toge travels to Berlin to cover the Berlin Olympic Games. Upon arriving, he finds that his younger brother, who has been studying in Germany as an international student, has been murdered. Furthermore, all traces of information regarding his younger brother's study in Germany has vanished. It was as if he had never existed. Investigating the matter, it is later learned that his murder is connected to a document he mailed to Japan with information regarding Adolf Hitler. This information is crucial to the Third Reich as it contains proof that Adolf Hitler has Jewish blood.

A member of the Nazi Party living in Japan named Wolfgang Kaufmann is ordered to find the documents. He expects his son, Adolf Kaufmann, to become a strong supporter of Adolf Hitler. However, Adolf Kaufmann has no interest in Nazi Germany as it would mean the killing of his good friend, Adolf Kamil, who is Jewish.

As events progress, the lives of the three Adolfs intertwine and become more and more tangled as Sohei Toge searches for his brother's murderer.

information -> Wikipedia

In spanish->here

Adolf is a story of war, of violence , but romance and friendship...this manga tell the true about the wold war 2 in Japan.. is not like that this crap called Hetalia e.e

Die Young, Stay Pretty
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PostSubject: Re: Adolf Ni Tsugu//Osamu Tezuka   Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:38 pm

Interesting manga, it's more than that crap.

We gotta read it, we will see TRUE history, not stupid yaoi .

Thanks for this topic Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Adolf Ni Tsugu//Osamu Tezuka   Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:56 am

I like how they managed to choose the name Adolf and not really insult anyone. Usually when people say Adolf, they mean Hitler. When the name Adolf is simply a very common name in Germany.
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PostSubject: Re: Adolf Ni Tsugu//Osamu Tezuka   

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Adolf Ni Tsugu//Osamu Tezuka
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