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 Nice to meet y'all :3

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Nice to meet y'all :3 Empty
PostSubject: Nice to meet y'all :3   Nice to meet y'all :3 EmptySat Jul 02, 2011 11:41 pm

So hello, I visited this site about a year ago when I still was a Hetalia fan. Not anymore.
Just to make sure, there are just a few very very small things I like Hetalia, but otherwise, I hate it.
And I do watch the show, still not accepting the rasism or anything else.

So, I call myself Satushi on forums, but you are all free to call me Satu in short. I turn 13 at 27.7. I am from southern parts of Finland. And I am truly happy that I can tell that freely without being thought as a swedish guys BFF because Finland and Sweden aren't BFF of anykind in real life.
I am used to see the both sides of the tale, meaning, that if there's a strong opinion about hating like 'YEAH FCKN BITCHES FUCK I HATE HTEM DSJXFXFGZFG' I may try to find something good from the other side, not meaning that I like Hetalia. And since this is a Hetalia hating side, I might also tell why did I start hating it.

The pairings. OH, THE PAIRINGS. It'd be okay if they would be persons, but as countries.. No. When I still was a fan, I always thought them as persons, when trying to read some couple, but I couldn't do it anymore. And some ones are absolutely ridicilous with no point in them. Iceland X Turkey. What? Just what?

The idea is ruined by racism. Like, America is the hero HAHAHAHAHHAAH and happy and like what the... Canada is unnoticable. Since when? I didn't know ANYONE who didn't recognize Canada before they met Hetalia. ''Who?'' Hahaha so funny. Also, England cooks badly, France is a pervert, I get it that France is the country of love so he might have something in his head if he would be a person, but not a rapist. Never. Japan is too perfect. Iceland and Norway are iceblocks with Sweden. I don't have anything to say about Denmark since I don't know danish people. Finland is a goddamn girly little wife. Germany is the thoughest guy ever with a military attitude. Both Italies are sissies, the other one being a goddamn weirdo with no life than PAASTAAAAAA and the other is almost even accectable, but I couldn't see through it after people made read some Spain X Romano. No. Spain is a pedo. Greece sleeps all the time? Cats everywhere? I don't know is there some theorical way in this but if is, TELL ME. China is always kind to little kids, to what I know as my asian friends' parents, they are not like that. Sorry if all asian parents are all lovey dovey, and I don't know something here. Let's talk about something else.

The fans.
Look at them. They LOVE Hetalia, but they are always fighting with each other, and the haters. They always make every single country into something they are not. Uke!Russia? OH MY JESUS LOOK AT RUSSIA'S CULTURE, HISTORY AND EVERYTHING. I am not saying bad about russian people or Russia, but just.. No. I don't see that coming. They are twisting the countries into such weird persons that does it even matter if u watch the show, the fans just make it into something else and no one in the end cares...

And to be honest, these were just a few little facts. I could go on and on the whole day.
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Nice to meet y'all :3
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