If you HATE HETALIA this is your place =)
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 Hey There~

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PostSubject: Hey There~   Hey There~ EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 10:09 am

My name is Brianna, and I'm new to the site(obviously). Lemme tell you a few things about myself and why I joined.

I love Hetalia. It is in my top five favorite animes and is my current obsession. I get into the characters, fics, videos, and this is the first anime I've even considering buying merchandise from(So far, it's been more like inside joke tees, foods I've seen in the show, and an adorable pair of Gilbird headphones.), or Cosplaying. I love the yaoi, and I do think that there is a slightly deeper undertone then the comic style of it lets on. I think it's an absolutely wonderful anime/webcomic.

That being said, let me state that I am NOT here to troll you, argue with you, try and preach my opinions to you, and I will not debate things such as racism/stereotypes/general ridiculousness of Hetalia. I'm not here to judge or annoy you with rants, or anything like that. That doesn't mean I understand your reasoning, but that's why I'm here.

I'm highly perplexed by the idea of gathering a group of like-minded people to discuss one topic. I can imagine that it's very hard to find a place not to be judged about hating such a popular anime over the vastness of the social interwebs. I'm here to observe you, try to understand your opinions and ask questions. My goal is to not only learn more about you as a group, and possibly individually, and maybe even help you understand why some(more sane) people like Hetalia. But only if you want to know, because like I said, I'm not going to force something you aren't open about on you.

I only ask that when I approach you (and I will) that you don't treat me as "a crazy fangirl" or any variation of such. I don't want to be treated with automatic apprehension just because I enjoy something you dislike. I don't want to be treated rudely when I talk to you, and I want to be looked at as how I look at all of you. As an individual, your own person with an interest that happens to differ from mine. So please don't feel like I'm pinning you with my questions, or being sarcastic. I'm pureply a curious person with an interest in humans. Razz
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Hey There~
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