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 so I'm debating with Japanese racists... here's the conversation PLEEEAAASE READ!

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so I'm debating with Japanese racists... here's the conversation PLEEEAAASE READ! Empty
PostSubject: so I'm debating with Japanese racists... here's the conversation PLEEEAAASE READ!   so I'm debating with Japanese racists... here's the conversation PLEEEAAASE READ! EmptySun Nov 20, 2011 4:56 am

the first comment was made by OUTSIDESOUND a Japanese racist. I can't find it and don't wanna go through the plethora of other racist comments to find it as I would be tempted to pwn every last one of them anyway it was along the lines of him saying that Koreans scammed donation money from the earthquakes in Japan and put it into the Takeshima/Dokdo islands dispute over who Dokdo belongs to (btw Dokdo belongs to Korea) anyway that was the first comment he also said that the Korean people deserve to be hated. he said it word for word no twisting or adding words he said exactly that. and I replied

@OUTSIDESOUND this is a result of Japan's poor decisions, Japan first claimed Dokdo to be their land when in reality it is not and they only started making such claims a few years ago... before then no one would have thought anything of it. recently Japan has simply been flaming Korea and baiting them to create conflict like the Japanese lunatics at Fuji TV. also.. please provide your sources that Korea "scammed" the donations, with "non Japanese" source.

@OUTSIDESOUND this is typical Japanese racist way. to say "ugh this is typical Korea behavior." and can not stand on any logical notion of what they claim. other nations aren't upset with Korea cause we don't really pay attention to Japanese claims about Korea cause Japan's claims towards Koreans have been lies. anyone who says Korea deserves to be hated needs to be curb stomped.

racist guy:
@aristokraticassassin Hahaha! You are real ignorant. It has been Japanese territoly which is a part of Shimane prefecture, USA also agreed on this issue.

You just stealed as you are thieves nation which is popular in the world. Stealing culture, thing and origin.

This is why you are deserved to be hate. Hahhahahhahha!! Idiot !

@OUTSIDESOUND 1. claiming I'm ignorant without backing it up is an ad hominen fallacy. 2. prove that americans agree that Dokdo is not Korean? you'll have a difficult time seeing as I AM AMERICAN. why are you calling America a thieves nation? do Japanese like to go around calling everyone except themselves thieves? 3. I'm black why do black people deserve to be hated? are you Japanese KKK or something? or are you ignorant and think I'm Korean? you called me ignorant when you truly are.

@OUTSIDESOUND you're comment proves that you are the ignorant one, and that you are a hypocrite. also you are racist, and anything you have posted about Koreans and may post in the future will be a bs lie about Korea. it's racist people like you who "deserve" to be hated. and I think the real lunatics here are the Japanese extremists such as yourself. I hope you enjoyed being thoroughly refuted pwned. have fantastic day and may tomorrow be wonderful to you.

@aristokraticassassin go and see this. /watch?v=cnwoegZkGpw at the comment section, even many of Thai people saying samething as other nations say about Korea. Don't you have any mind to self-examine ?

If you don't, you will be hated further. We are not racist. But as Korean, you are making a lot of crime even now in Japan and worst thing is RAPE.

Your people visiting or staying Japan has highest criminal rate in Japan for Raping Japanese people.

Smae on your nation

@OUTSIDESOUND first of all those people have no sources to provide evidence for, they spout racism as well... should I believe an American who is racist against Japanese? no. what is your problem with hating black people and wanting us to be hated further? why do you hate black americans? I'm black american. look at my channel. you've presented NO evidence that I'm Korean, this is ad hominen. but even if I were it's a false dilemma as just because someone is Koreans doesn't make their position.

untrue. Japanese talk a lot of crap about Koreans and bait them and flame them, so much so that I don't believe them when they say that Koreans rape more than anyone else in Japan. they don't even provide accurate evidence when they make these claims so why should I believe them? again you have no basis of logic and you've encountered the wrong person to debate with on youtube about this you can't provide reliable sources, you spout racism, and use ad hominen attacks, strawman and false dilemma.

@OUTSIDESOUND btw I said provide evidence that "americans" agree with Japan about Dokdo as a majority, you claimed that we do, all you did was provide evidence that there are some racist Thai people out there who hate Koreans. you've failed to provide evidence to your claims and have no rational basis to stand on. you fail again. how many times are we going to go through this?

other racist guy
@aristokraticassassin There is a video uploaded in YouTube in which a Korean comedian saying that every time you are caught for doing something bad, just say "I am Japanese" and Korean audience is applauding. Also it is very famous that Koreans lie and state "I am a White American" or "I am White Candadian btw" when they want to protest Korea in YouTube comment section

@mahalo303 you do know there are Japanese who say the same about Japan, only the ones that blame Koreans for all their misfortune are more loud and obnoxious. also he's a comedian. black comedians here say that all black people do weed and commit crimes which we obviously do not. look at my channel I'm obviously not Korean... I'm black American, your statement is a sweeping ad hominen attack known as a strawman fallacy to begin with, also you have no evidence that Korean youtubers claim to be US

@mahalo303 let's see you're using a comedian as claim of a valid argument... they're not... especially on youtube. they'll say just about anything to give people a good laugh... that's their job. so this statement has been refuted. and you used an ad hominen attack strawman fallacy by claiming I'm Korean because the false dilemma you presented that you also have no evidence to support. you have no logical reasoning in your arguments, and your word will only be taken seriously by ignorant people.

that's the end of the argument... do you see the similarities in the claims the incredibly racist lunatics make with the portrayal of Korea in Hetalia? I wasn't kidding when I told you Hetalia was legitimately racist towards Koreans. these people made all kinds of psychotic asinine racist claims that they supported with ad hominen attacks, strawman fallacies, false dilemma's, and invalid sources... seriously, they're claiming the word of a comedian and one racist Thai is strong evidence for their argument when the Thai was guilty of the same lunacy these guys had displayed. they also tried desperately to claim I was Korean. they thought this was a way to discredit my argument, when it is not... even if I were Korean it wouldn't change the fact that they're racist or discredit my arguments. they failed to even provide evidence that I was Korean. they tried to claim that because their are Koreans on youtube "who they've accused of being Korean" when those accused were accused of claiming to be from America or Canada, I've seen this before among Japanese youtubers. if someone who is of another race or nationality they'll claim that they are Korean's claiming to be of another race or nationality. the fact that you all know I'm black also gives you heed that what Japanese racist youtubers say is bs and any claims that Koreans do such things is now invalid. as they can't even provide any form of evidence of it but constantly stick to such accusations. it's ridiculous. if there were more of these people the stereotype that Japan is full of intelligent people would be destroyed. these people are morons. who deny that they are racist immediately after they say "Koreans deserve to be hated"

oh and the guy who posted the vid was calling out "said" lunatics in Korea because in the previous video titles "Korean thief marco polo" Koreans and Japanese got into an argument with each other because the guy is a major supporter of Japan and the title of the vid. the vid was calling Koreans lunatics for claiming Pizza is from Korea... but he's forgetting to add the Chinese,who believe it's from China and the Americans who say today's pizza is american. and the other countries that believe, pizza came from their country. honestly I think that pizza wasn't from italy but Italians made it what it is today, but most likely came from somewhere originally in another form, the evidence is stronger with this conclusion... but the guy who posted the vid singled out Koreans and called them lunatics, even though they're not necessarily wrong in saying pizza is from Asia as many other countries have some evidence that may be a possibility as well.

the poster called out "Korean supposed lunatics" but doesn't know of the racist fanatics he's been harboring on his channel who are also lunatics but says nothing of them and they've all infested the comments section de humanizing koreans and he allows this... this is what true lunacy is.

if you want to give the racist Japanese I've replied to a piece of your mind or the poster of the video. or any other racists in there feel free to do so. in fact please do so everyone. and tell the people I was talking to that I'm black and not Korean... I guarantee their response will be either you're Korean as well or that you are me on an alt account. I can almost promise you they will say this... this is how predictable they are. lol also incredibly stupid. then you can post back here what they said and we can all have a good laugh. Very Happy

link to video:


I'm aristokraticassassin the racist ones are the other two whose accounts were in my replies to them up above in the conversation we had. thank you and I love you all <3

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Mensajes : 111
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so I'm debating with Japanese racists... here's the conversation PLEEEAAASE READ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: so I'm debating with Japanese racists... here's the conversation PLEEEAAASE READ!   so I'm debating with Japanese racists... here's the conversation PLEEEAAASE READ! EmptySun Nov 20, 2011 5:44 am

they're still at it but this time with what I'm not sure are claims rather just statements a new fallacy (the genetic fallacy) and a racist statement at the end of the comment.

racist dude again:

1 minute ago
@aristokraticassassin Well, then what do you say Korean companies using Japanese images to promote their products by misleading consumers as if they were Japanese companies. Korean people running Japanese restaurants and Japanese martial art dojos as authentic. Korea now has disputes regarding stealing culture not only with Japan but also with China and Thai. Korea as a country has a serious problem.


@mahalo303 in America we have cereal like Frosted flakes and similar cereals that are exactly the same like say Icey flakes or something. no one thinks that anyone is trying to scam anyone... if he were really Japan fans they'd know the product they are looking for, this isn't even an argument, it's just stupid. Korean people running Japanese resteraunts... are you saying that the black people running italian resteraunts in America are bad? I don't get what you're saying.

@mahalo303 Koreans running dojos? you do know that there are blacks whites hispanics etc running dojo's in America right? ones race and nation doesn't determine the authenticity of a martial art if you believe this you're ignorant, this is an ad hominen known as the genetic fallacy. at this rate you're going to convince me that what the Koreans are saying is theirs is true, you fail to provide any relevant evidence that Korea is "stealing" and are proving the Japanese in this vid are the luny's.

crazy racist dude:

@aristokraticassassin You know what? you keep saying to other people "no evidence" "no logical" "ignorant" .. and you make yourself look like you won the argument but you are just a captious person. Those words are talking about yourself. Sorry but there is no use talking to you, total waste of time.


@mahalo303 lol this is a blanket statement. you can't compete with my ability to think rationally so you say "oh you're just talking about yourself." no I can't have been talking about myself because I didn't make asinine statements. going through the comments we know it was you being foolish. the objections I raised were legitimate and you failed to refute them, so I'm not captious. you made many positive claims about Koreans that you couldn't back up, talking to me is a waste because you lost.

@mahalo303 "no evidence" "no logic" "ignorant" I said those things because they were true it sounds like I won because I did, and now you're trying to downplay it by saying my objections were petty, no these are legitimate arguments in a debate. if one cannot support their claims with legitimate evidence, they have lost... this is exactly what just happened. I hope you enjoyed being refuted. please have a wonderful day. <3 Very Happy

seriously I feel like a genius... this guy is making me look like a rock star!

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so I'm debating with Japanese racists... here's the conversation PLEEEAAASE READ!
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