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 New rules (Because this site changed too much)

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New rules (Because this site changed too much) Empty
PostSubject: New rules (Because this site changed too much)   New rules (Because this site changed too much) EmptyTue Jan 17, 2012 1:35 am

Well, hi to all who see this!
So I know this site is pretty much deserted by now, but there are still a few users who just recently signed up (Ivan Braginski and friends). And, if Sumire doesn't mind (though they will probably not ever see this), I found the need to change a few of their rules for this site. As more and more sane fans joined our group, some of the old rules don't apply.
So, here are my set of rules for this changed site:
1. Please, be respectful. I didn't need to change this rule, because it is very important. We have differing views on the issue that is Hetalia. Of course, you are allowed to disagree with what some people say, but please, do so RESPECTFULLY. This means: no swearing, insults, or other kind of disrespectful reply. We Hetalia haters and fans must get along, no matter what.
2. No SMS texting or massive spelling errors. You are allowed to use emoticons or words such as LOL or OMG, but please don't overuse them. You have all the time you need to check for grammar mistakes. This is a forum, not an instant messaging site.
3. NO TROLLS ALLOWED. I cannot emphasise this enough. Trolling violates the 1st rule of being disrespectful. If you sign up in order to troll and be mean to haters (like a few of the threads on this site), please do us a favor and press CTRL+W. Go join your pro-Hetalia sites and complain about us all you want THERE, but don't do so HERE.
4. You are only allowed to post on this site if you are:
-A Hetalia hater/disliker who has logic and sane reasons to not like Hetalia.
-A person who is neither a fan nor a disliker, and does know about Hetalia, but wants to know what we think and ask, respectfully of course, and has something they find wrong about Hetalia.
-A SANE Hetalia fan who finds at least one thing not right about Hetalia.
I have one big requirement: You must find at least 1 thing about Hetalia that bothers you or you would like to see changed. I know there are sane fans who like all of APH, but just want to ask questions. There are many old topics like that. I hope these will answer your questions without making you sign up.
5. New users, please introduce yourselves in the HELLO! part of the site. We want to know the reason you joined us. You must include the following:
-Username (optional)
-Why you find something wrong about Hetalia
-Why you joined the site
-How you found this site
-How you first heard of APH/past experiences with APH
6. Actually post something. If you joined, this means that you want to write something. If not, then simply don't register. You must post at least 1 topic other than the HELLO one.
7. Have fun!
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New rules (Because this site changed too much)
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