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 Seriously, It's Like a Religion

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PostSubject: Seriously, It's Like a Religion   Seriously, It's Like a Religion EmptyTue May 08, 2012 10:37 am

I'll try to keep my opinion as neutral as possible...

To tell the truth, both the haters and the fangirls are making me feel physically sick right now (Like queasy, I won't throw up.) Let me just organize my opinion into two parts since it's the only way I can organize these thoughts...

First of all, the rabid fangirls. Time and time again, I've seen horror stories about Hetaboos and seen shitty Hetalia OCs that make me feel so disappointed and want to slap them in the face and rage at tell them how Himaruya wouldn't be proud of them (yes, I've heard that claim), but would probably be ashamed of them. Another thing that bothers me is that they wouldn't accept a "I disagree." You HAVE to love GerIta. You HAVE to love Spamano. If you ship RomanoXJapan, YOUR ASS IS DEAD(Well okay, it wouldn't work, but hello? Freedom to ship, anyone?). Seriously, it's like a goddamn religion (No offense to religious people here.) And don't even let me START with that stupid fandom war with Homestuck fans. True, the two are horrible to each other, but seriously, can't we all be friends?

Next, the haters. I've been trolling around this blo, reading posts and so forth, and to be really blunt, some of you guys are as bad as the fangirls are. What do you do when a wild pro-Hetalia attack appears? "KILL IT, KILL IT, KILL THAT FAGGOT WITH FIRE!!!" In my pinion, that's really not a mature way of dealing with these kinds of comments. Just....chill. Take the caps lock off, bury some of that raeg, and (politely) tell them to take their opinion somewhere else. I try to respect your opinions, but some people, especially some of admins, just....no. It's like they're trying to shove their opinions down my throat. Where did we hear this again? Right, the thing about "it's like a fucking religion." Don't take me wrong, I've seen moderate, mature users on here as well, and it makes things a bit better for me.

Oh, and GaGaalinG? I would like to put in a word about the Japanese racism against Korea. My mom's a Japanese immigrant, and she's not racist against the Koreans at all. Actually, she's more racist against the Chinese (I tell her to stop making racial slurs about them, she won't stop.) The way you portray the Japanese seems like you're labeling all the Japanese as racists. I'm sure that there are people who are completely neutral about the Korean issue, and it feels like you're insulting my heritage in a way.

Thank you for listening!
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Seriously, It's Like a Religion Empty
PostSubject: Re: Seriously, It's Like a Religion   Seriously, It's Like a Religion EmptyFri Jun 22, 2012 6:34 pm

please show me where I said "All Japanese are racist towards Koreans" I didn't, I say Japanese racists on purpose, to separate them from the non racists. so please don't make false accusations. these accusations you have made against me are known as a strawman fallacy, it does no hold up.

also Toss-Turn even if my claim was that the majority of Japanese hate Koreans (which it isn't) using your mom as an example to represent a population is called a statistical fallacy, it's like if I were to claim that African children aren't starving because I can point out that there's two African children who are not starving, this way of thinking is not based on rationality. Also if you were to ask your mom and she were to say no they don't hate Koreans and say it must be true because she is Japanese and therefore an authority on the subject, it's committing a fallacy known as Fallacy of appeal to authority. it's like if a 6 year old were to say 2+2=4 and someone who majored in math in college were to say 2+2=8 and we look at who has the higher authority and conclude that 2+2=8 because of the college students background this is an example of Fallacy of appeal to authority, a claim isn't true because an authority on the subject says so. there must be evidence to back up the claim. But keep in mind I was only giving an example, I never said that all Japanese or a majority of them hate Koreans. I'm just stating why your grounds to argue cannot stand in the realm of rationality.

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Seriously, It's Like a Religion
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