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 Sorry for... what you could call "spamming".

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PostSubject: Sorry for... what you could call "spamming".   Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:29 am

Hello to the ghosts, robots and occasional guests who might just randomly venture on this abandoned site and read my lengthy introduction and the rest of the text below said introduction.

I have removed all of my comments on this site, except for the new rules of the site (so that new users can refer to those). And I have replaced them with the following text:

Join this site: http://whatswrongwithaph.forumotion.com/

I have done so because I have recently taken the decision to rid the Internet of any trace of my comments related to Hetalia. I decided not long ago that I did not want anything to do with it, and if my friends found out about my participation on this site, it would be hard to explain.

No, I don't hate Hetalia. No, I don't like it either. I just stopped caring. By now, my friends have split up into a Hetalia group and a Hetalia-hating group, and I, being in the latter, am not only getting tired of hearing people obsess over the show, but bashing it. So Hetalia is pretty much dead to me now. Another reason: I want no replies to my comments on this site about Hetalia reaching my email inbox, it gets annoying.

From now on, AnneTheNewForumAdmin will reply to any comments directed to me. Or, even better: Join the site whose link I posted above, because she, the admin, is active on that site. Also, it's for both haters and fans to discuss their opinions.

If no one cares about the text seen above, well, TANT MIEUX! It'll rid me of another lengthy task of explaining.

Goodbye, HateHetalia, Hetalia fans, and Hetalia haters!

The former birdistheworld

TL,DR: Sorry for the "spamming", it's due to me not wanting to hear about Hetalia anymore, please do join http://whatswrongwithaph.forumotion.com/ if you want.
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Sorry for... what you could call "spamming".
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